1/ accommodation in your own tent or mobile home
Adult 80 CZK
Child to 5 years of age free
Child of 6 to 15 years of age, student 60 CZK
Tent 80 CZK
Caravan, camper 170 CZK
Bus, truck 170 CZK
Car 80 CZK
Motorcycle 40 CZK
Motor-vehicle trailer/single axle trailer 40 CZK
Electric socket 80 CZK
Pet (dog etc.) 30 CZK
2/ accommodation in cabins 800 CZK/cabin
3/ accommodation in the hostel 150 CZK/person

Prices in CZK/day.
The price includes the local council fee, water and sewage fees, and public-space cleaning. Discounts offered on collective orders.

Bed-clothes: 70 CZK/person/stay