boat & raft rental

If you want to go down the Vltava River you can rent boats and/or rafts and all the necessary equipment with us. We arrange also transportation of boats and people.

raft & boat rental

Do you want to use our campsite as your base and make a trip on boats or rafts on the Vltava River? We can provide you all the necessary equipment and take you to the starting point of your trip and afterwards we will pick you up at the finishing point and get you back to the campsite.

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transport of people

Do you want to go down the Vltava River on your own boats and finish or start your trip in our campsite but your cars will be parked at the starting or finishing point of the trip? No problem. We can arrange your transportation back to your cars after you finish the trip or vice versa take you from your parked car to the starting point of your trip. For the transportation of people we use our minibuses with a driver and the maximum capacity of 8 people.

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transport of boats

We can transport your boats to other starting/finishing points on the Vltava River.

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